[Print Jobs] db entry (Document Name=low level local document)

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Oct 4, 2007 at 4:02 PM

I recreated the puma service and I am pausing all the job as they are added. Then I popup an entry Dialog for users to identify themself. When this done and confirmed, I simply set paused to false and the job prints itself. Maybe this isn't the best way to achieve this and maybe someone as a suggestion.

This works fine for almost all programs except for iexplorer 7, haven't tried with version 6, which add a job named 'low level local document', deletes it, and then creates another job for that same file with the real document name. But as I get all added job to be identified, it forces people printing from iexplorer to identify two jobs, which shouldn't be necessary. I haven't found no details which would enable me to track these kinda temporary jobs.

I hope someone as a suggestion or a fix.

The version of PrinterQueueWatch.dll I'm using is compiled for framework v1.1.4322 and I'm working on VS.NET 2005 framework 2.0