Jan 13, 2011 at 9:21 AM

hello sir,

               i have tried puma, but i do not know how to install the printer service can you tell me how to install that  otherwise can you give me the password for that service installation....


i am using as front end and sqlserver 2005 as database....

Jan 14, 2011 at 1:06 AM

yap i can help u on how to install it

post your app config file on service so i can debug it for you...

reply here dont make another post okie reply on this post dont create a new Discussion 


Jan 18, 2011 at 7:40 AM

Hello sir i have attached app config pls check that and send me how to run it....


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



     <!-- Extra custom configuration sections -->

     <section name="printerEventListeners"

               type="PrinterMonitorService.CustomConfigurationSectionReaders.PrinterEventListenersSectionReader, PrinterMonitorService" />


     <section name="printJobEventListeners"

               type="PrinterMonitorService.CustomConfigurationSectionReaders.PrintJobEventListenersSectionReader, PrinterMonitorService" />        


     <section name="monitoredPrinters"

               type="PrinterMonitorService.CustomConfigurationSectionReaders.MonitoredPrintersSectionReader, PrinterMonitorService" />        





      <!-- Key = the unique name by which the listener is known,

           ClassType = the full type name of the class implementing IPrinterEventListenerBase ,

           CommandLine = startup parameters for that class

       <printerEventListener key="printerEventFileListener"


           commandLine="d:\Temp\PrinterEvents.log" />



       <printerEventListener key="printerEventXMLListener"


           commandLine="c:\Temp\PrinterEvents.xml" />


       <printerEventListener key="printerEventDBListener"


          commandLine="Persist Security Info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;database=PrintMon;server=SYSTEM;Connect Timeout=30" />





       <!-- Key = the unique name by which the listener is known,

           ClassType = the full type name of the class implementing IPrinterEventListenerBase ,

           CommandLine = startup parameters for that class

       <printJobEventListener key="printJobEventFileListener"


           commandLine="d:\Temp\PrintJobEvents.log" />


       <printJobEventListener key="printJobEventXMLListener"


           commandLine="c:\Temp\PrintJobEvents.xml" />



       <printJobEventListener key="printJobEventDBListener"


           commandLine="Persist Security Info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;database=PrintMon;server=SYSTEM;Connect Timeout=30" />






         <monitoredPrinter DeviceName="2_1stHP on DUBBDOM2"/>

         <monitoredPrinter DeviceName="Microsoft Office Document Image Writer"/>





     <!-- Monitor level...1=Max, 2=Min, 3=None-->

     <add key="MonitorJobEventInformationLevel" value="1"/>

     <!-- Monitor Printer Change Events? "False"=No, "True"=Yes -->

     <add key="MonitorPrinterChangeEvent" value="True"/>

     <!-- Monitor Job Added Events? -->

     <add key="MonitorJobAddedEvent" value="True"/>

     <!-- Monitor Job Deleted Events? -->

     <add key="MonitorDeletedEvent" value="True"/>

     <!-- Monitor Job Set Events? -->

     <add key="MonitorJobSetEvent" value="False"/>

     <!-- Monitor Job Written Events? -->

     <add key="MonitorJobWrittenEvent" value="True"/>

     <!-- TransportProtocol : Can be TCP or HTTP


     <add key="TransportProtocol" value="tcp" />

     <!-- Port : Defaults to 8912... -->

       <add key="Port" value ="8082" />

       <add key="ReturnPort" value ="8083" />


       <!-- ReadSettingsFromDB : If true, read the printers to be monitored from the database -->

       <add key="ReadSettingsFromDB" value="True" />

       <add key="ConnectionString" value="Persist Security Info=False;Integrated Security=SSPI;database=PrintMon;server=SYSTEM;Connect Timeout=30" />


       <!-- ShowIcon -->

       <add key="ShowIcon" value="True" />






         <!-- Printer Monitor Component tracing : values can be







         <add name="PrinterMonitorComponent" value="1" />

         <add name="SpoolTCPClient" value="1" />

         <add name="SpoolSocket" value="1" />

         <add name="Application" value="1" />


       <trace indentsize="4">


           <!-- Uncomment this section to write a trace file.

           <add name="LogFileListener" type="System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener" initializeData="c:\Temp\PrinterMonitorService.log" />