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PUMA data model

The printer usage monitoring application uses the following tables to store the information gathered from the printer monitoring services as they record details of printer jobs:

Printer related data tables

  • Printers has one record for each printer being monitored

Print Job related tables

  • Print Jobs has one record for each print job submitted against any of the printers being monitored
  • Print Job Events occur for each event (added, set, written, deleted) in the print job life cycle
  • Print Job Paragraphs (not yet used) Holds the text elements of each print job to allow the print jobs to be searched using a text query macthing tool


Reference data tables

  • Clients (new) holds a list of clients that are being catered for on this database ( this allows for multiple clients on a single database for use with SQL Azure )

Stored procedures


The following pre-built data views provide quick access to the most commonly sought printer monitoring information:

Source code

Complete database create script (Pre-Azure version)

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