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Triggered whenever a print job is added to a printer being monitored.


* ClientId - The client for which this print job was added
* PrinterName - The name of the printer the job is sent to
* Username - The name of the user that submitted the print job
* Document - The document name in the print queue
* Machinename - The name of the source machine that the job came from
* Pages - Number of pages in the print job
* Copies - Number of copies to print
* Submitted - Date and time the print job was submitted
* PaperType - The paper type to print on
* JobId - The unique number of this print job
* Landscape - True to print in lanscape mode
* Colour - True to print in colour
* PaperSource - The paper tray to use for this job
* PrinterResolution - The resolution for the print job
* DataType - The data type (Raw, EMF, XPS) of the spool file
* PaperWidth - Width of the selected paper type
* PrinterResolutionX - Resolution in the X axis
* PrinterResolutionY - Resolution in the Y axis
* NotifyUserName - The user (if any) to notify of the job progress
* PrintProcessorName - The printer name of the print processor that is printing the print job
* DriverName - The name of the printer driver that is printing the print job
* Parameters - Any extra parameters passed to the printer driver with the print job
* QueuedTime - How long the print job has been queued
* JobSize - The size of the print job (in bytes)

Code :-
/* -- [ OnJobAdded]---------------------------------------------------------------------
 * Called when a job is added to a printer queue and triggers a PRINTER_CHANGE_JOB_ADDED event
 *    Parameters: 
 *        ClientId As GUID
 *        PrinterName As String, 
 *        Username As String
 *        Document As String
 *        Machinename As String
 *        Pages As Integer
 *        Copies As Integer
 *        Submitted As DateTime
 *        PaperType As String
 *        JobId As Integer 
 *        Landscape As Boolean,
 *        Colour As Boolean
 *        PaperSource As String
 *        PrinterResolution As String
 *        DataType
 *        PaperWidth
 *        PrinterResolutionX
 *        PrinterResolutionY
 *        NotifyUserName
 *        PrintProcessorName
 *        DriverName
 *        Parameters
 *        QueuedTime
 *        JobSize
   @ClientId uniqueidentifier,
   @PrinterName varchar(220), 
   @Username varchar(255),
   @Document varchar(255),
   @Machinename varchar(255),
   @Pages numeric(18,0) = 1, --Default to one page
   @Copies numeric(18,0) = 1, --Default to one copy
   @Submitted datetime,
   @PaperType varchar(40),
   @JobId numeric(18,0) ,
   @Landscape bit,
   @Colour  bit,
   @PaperSource varchar(120),
   @PrinterResolution varchar(100),
   @Paused bit,
   @Deleted bit,
   @Deleting bit,
   @Printed bit,
   @Printing bit,
   @InError bit,
   @Offline bit,
   @PaperOut bit,
   @UserInterventionRequired bit,
   @DataType varchar(120) = '',
   @PaperWidth int = 0, 
   @PaperHeight int = 0,
   @PrinterResolutionX int = 0,
   @PrinterResolutionY int = 0,
   @NotifyUserName varchar(255) = '',
   @PrintProcessorName varchar(255) = '',
   @DriverName varchar(255) = '',
   @Parameters varchar(255) = '',
   @QueuedTime int = 0, 
   @JobSize int = 0


DECLARE @next_printer INT,
        @printer_reboot_count INT


             IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 'A' FROM dbo.Printers WHERE Name = @PrinterName AND [Client Id] = @clientId)
                   SELECT @next_printer = ISNULL(MAX(dbo.Printers.[Printer Id]),1)  + 1
                      FROM dbo.Printers
                     WHERE [Client Id] = @clientId

                  INSERT INTO [Printers] (
                                      [Client Id],
                                      [Printer Id],
               SELECT @next_printer = dbo.Printers.[Printer Id]
                 FROM dbo.Printers
                WHERE Name = @PrinterName
                  AND [Client Id] = @clientId
   /* Get the current reboot count for the printer */
   SELECT @printer_reboot_count = ISNULL([Reboot Count], 1)
     FROM dbo.Printers
     WHERE [Printer Id] = @next_printer
       AND [Client Id] = @clientId
   /* If the JobId has already been used get the next possible number */
                       FROM dbo.[Print Jobs]
                      WHERE dbo.[Print Jobs].[Printer Id] = @next_printer
                            AND dbo.[Print Jobs].[Job Id] = @JobId
                            AND dbo.[Print Jobs].[Printer Reboot Count] = @printer_reboot_count
                            AND [Client Id] = @clientId
                         set @printer_reboot_count = @printer_reboot_count + 1
                         UPDATE dbo.[Printers]
                            SET [Reboot Count] = @printer_reboot_count
                          WHERE [Printer Id] = @next_printer
                            AND [Client Id] = @clientId

/* Deal with incorrect input params */
If @copies <= 0
  select @copies = 1

IF @Pages <= 0
  select @pages = 1

   INSERT INTO dbo.[Print Jobs] 
         [Client Id],
         [Printer Id],
         [Printer Reboot Count],
         [Job Id],
         [User Name],
         [Document Name],
         [Machine Name],
         [Paper Type],
         [Paper Source],
         [Data Type],
         [Paper Width],
         [Paper Height],
         [Printer Resolution X],
         [Printer Resolution Y],
         [Notify User Name],
         [Print Processor Name],
         [Driver Name],
         [Pages Printed]
         @PaperType ,
         0, --printed
         0, --deleted
         0 -- Pages printed

   INSERT INTO dbo.[Print Job Events]
        [Client Id],
        [Printer Id],
        [Printer Reboot Count],
        [Job Id],
        [Paper Out],
        [User Intervention Required],
        [Pages Printed],
        [Queued Time],
        [Job Size] 
          1, --JOB_ADDED event
          0,  --Position
          0, -- Pages Printed



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