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Print Job Events

  • Printer Id - Foreign key to the Printers table
  • Printer Reboot Count - Number of times the job count has been reset
  • Job Id - The job count
  • Event - The job event type (Added, Set, Written, Deleted)
  • Submitted - The date and time the job was submitted
  • Paused - True if the print job was paused when this event occured
  • Deleted - True if the print job is deleted at this event
  • Deleting
  • Printed
  • Printing
  • Offline
  • Paper Out - The printer was out of paper at this time
  • User intervention required - The printer was waiting for user intervention at this time
  • Position - The position within the job queue
  • Pages Printed - The number of pages printed at this stage
  • Queued Time - The number of milliseconds that this job has been in the queue
  • Job Size - The size in bytes of the print job


You can use the average of the Queued Time to get a measure of how busy a printer is

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