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Print Jobs

  • Printer Id : The printer id (from the printers table) that this job was printed on
  • Printer Reboot Count : The reboot count of that printer when this job was printed
  • Job Id : The job identifier number
  • Submitted : The date and time the job was submitted
  • User name : The user name who sent the print job
  • Document Name : The document name of the print job
  • Machine Name : The machine the print job was sent from
  • Pages : The number of pages in the job
  • Copies : The number of copies of the print job required
  • Paper Type : The paper size (A4, A3, Letter etc.) used for this print job
  • Landscape : True if the job was printed in landscape mode
  • Colour : True if the job was printed in colour mode
  • Paper Source : The input tray that the paper for the job was taken from
  • Resolution : The job print quality
  • Data Type : The source data type of the print job (RAW or EMF)
  • Paper Width : The width of the paper
  • Paper Height : The height of the paper
  • Printer Resolution X :
  • Printer Resolution Y :
  • Notify User Name : User to notify of the job progress
  • Print Processor Name : The print processor used to perform the job
  • Driver Name : The printer driver used to perform the job
  • Parameters : Additional printer parameters for the job
  • Printed : True if the job was printed
  • Deleted : True if the print spool file was deleted when the job completed or was cancelled
  • Pages Printed : Total number of pages printed by this job


See the Printers table description for information about the printer reboot count field.

The unique key for this table is ( Printer Id, Printer Reboot Count, Job Id)

Each print job can have multiple Print Job Events

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