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Convert database access to EF (code first)

The database scripts are done as SQL at the moment. If the project data access component were moved to Entity Framework (5 or higher) then the whole aspect of database version control would be tak...

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[Print Job Events] table key incorrect

It is perfectly legitimate to have mulktiple Job_Set or Job_Written event sthat have the same [Printer], [Printer Reboot Count], [Job Id] and [Event] Need to add a timestamp column and include it i...

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PrinterMonitorService - remove passwords from strong name key files

Hi,   I am trying to compile puma-34425 version code and i am getting error when i am loading project PrinterMonitorService.snk.pfx file is password protected please provide the password. This is...

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Set_Printer_Moitoring_State - SQL error

"Set_Printer_Monitoring_State" store procedure not retrive the printername & Monitor name in PrintJob table.and one more thing in Puma_Manager form display the server but not disply printer.give so...

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Latest Version

Hi,   Is there any indication when this will be re-released with all recent patches etc and the source code. I've read a lot on the original VB6 stuff on Merrion website and use the control a lot a...

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New Release is overdue

Hi Merrion,   This is indeed a good tool. Please let us know when do you plan to release the new updated COMPILED version. This is still a Alpha release and a fresh one seems overdue :) .   Is it ...

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i hope job paused

i hope job send before over ,and paused this print job ,but first one paused is ok,but i at job clicked rubutton and select continue ,this job can't stay paused ,why? thanks

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PrinterQueueWatch.resx is not included

Can you please create a distribution that includes PrinterQueueWatch.resx? I understand how to use resgen to create PrinterQueueWatch.resources, but the resx file is not in the 19887 release.   Tha...

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How can I run PrinterMonitorService.exe?

Hey pal, good day! How can I run PrinterMonitorService.exe? would you please give me the steps?   thanks and more power!

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PrinterQueueWatch.NET - Featurelist

Ability to alter Printer Security settings - e.g. the ability to add/remove user access to a printer at run time.

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